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Feasterly: The One True Pairing

November 17, 2021

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Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s just delivered via an app instead.  This year alone, dating apps have resulted in record numbers of engagements and users across apps are in the tens of millions.  For both health and safety reasons, many users opt for virtual date nights to gauge chemistry  before pursuing anything in person, but that doesn’t preclude daters from wanting to include the most important question of any date: where are we gonna eat? 

Consider that food tends to be the center of any outing. Learning what kinds of food your potential mate craves, or the restaurant they’d choose for a “last meal”, are key ways to get to know someone. Sharing a favorite restaurant with someone can even feel like showing them a part of what makes you, well … you.

Now instead of driving down the street in an attempt to answer that age old question, you can peruse Feasterly and have myriad options at your fingertips.  Before the video date, couples can send each other food for delivery, choosing a new restaurant together or introducing the other to a favorite local joint.  If the date takes off, why not order dessert?  Letdown? Well, you can use Feasterly to order your own dessert. 

The one pairing that’s going to work out no matter what is you and your Feasterly app.  Whether or not Mr. Right Swipe becomes Mr. Right depends on a whole lot more than picking the right restaurant.  

Feasterly delivers its own love story: the local restaurants you love without the hidden fees and surcharges.  There’s something to swipe right on.

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