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Feasterly: The Reluctant Disruptor Among Delivery Services

November 17, 2021

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Thanks to the likes of Snap Inc., Hulu and Google, amongst many others, the Santa Monica and Venice region of coastal Los Angeles has earned the moniker of “Silicon Beach” and become a clear focal point for the LA tech and startup scene. 

With so many adventurous soles choosing this piece of sun, surf and its ever-expanding hub of tech industries as their launching pad, you’d hardly think news of ‘yet another startup’ would qualify as news at all; that is until you take a moment to review and understand the rational and business focus of “Feasterly”. 

Put simply, this upstart Food Delivery App has adopted a Restaurant centric Service focus that is absolutely going to get attention of the restaurant industry, one that’s starving for the kind of cashflow improvement these precocious little brothers are unashamedly delivering care of an aggressively discounted fee structure that will upset most, if not all, their food delivery ‘big brothers’. 

With the delivery market crowded by huge companies battling for market share, it’s not a surprise the first 2 questions the Founders of Feasterly are asked: why you, and, why now? 

It’s actually the simplicity with which Albert Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Feasterly, answers these questions that will surprise and impress every restaurant owner that cares to listen, “put simply” Mr. Montgomery calmly explains, “the big guys have forgotten that they are as much a service provider to Restaurants as they are to the Customers, they have chosen instead to charge restaurants at inflated commission rates that incorrectly imply Restaurants are a provider of sorts to these Apps.” Becoming more animated, Mr. Montgomery unashamedly adds, “we specifically chose to create Feasterly to reverse that skewed dynamic.”

Feasterly is a start-up created from a rationale that recognizes that traditional Food Delivery companies are overpriced. Restaurants that are already only just existing on the smallest of margins are being gauged by exorbitant commission rates of 25% to 30% (or more) of their gross earnings for food delivery services, while Customers are being ’nickeled & dimed’ with sneaky layers of fees, hidden behind what Feasterly regards as faux offers of low-cost delivery fees. Mr. Montgomery adds, “with so many friends of ours working tirelessly just to exist in this industry, Feasterly has been created to literally do the opposite of ALL THAT for both its Customers & the Restaurants they love”.

If you take just a moment to hear out Paul Saffron, Feasterly’s COO and ‘numbers guy’, it’s difficult to argue that the benefits of Feasterly for Restaurants are any less than profound. Mr. Saffron explains that the partners “set our commission rate at a fixed maximum of 9.5%, a rate that is LESS THAN 1/3 of the commissions restaurants are currently enduring nationally & is still more than 36% less than the 15% rate cap forced reduction set by Los Angeles County in lieu of restaurants returning to full dining capacities.”

On the Customer side of the equation, Feasterly utilizes a single fix dollar Service Fee that is capped, Mr. Saffron assures that “Feasterly does not and will not charge secondary level Admin Fees and or mystifying third level Advertising or Surge Delivery Fees that invariably turn up when Customers use the providers that aren’t Feasterly.” 

Despite the absence of any Restaurant startup fees from the Feasterly Restaurant Application process and the promise that Feasterly provides its Restaurant Owners & Managers with a full, self-service App that guarantees Restaurant Owners & Managers that they alone will have total control of their menus & all the accompanying menu prices, Mr. Saffron defiantly adds, “Albert and I don’t make the food, we don’t contribute to the restaurant owners rent or help out with worker’s wages, so why on earth would we contemplate manipulating Restaurant Customer menu pricing for our benefit, the idea that’s happened to some of our friends in the past is insane to us, it’s why we absolutely guarantee that will NEVER happen on the Feasterly App.”

If all that gold-plated service structuring isn’t restaurant centric enough, we were surprised and inspired to learn that Feasterly is going that one step further than every other Food Delivery provider in today’s marketplace. Feasterly recognizes it’s the Feasterly Customer that chooses to tip as thanks for the convenience of getting food delivery from the local restaurants they love, so Feasterly has chosen to make their platform the 1st and only Delivery App that makes it possible for customers to tip with the knowledge that Feasterly has adopted a structure can split tips between drivers and restaurants. 

Feasterly’s innovated approach of course favors drivers, but customers that choose to provide average to heathy tips for the convenience of delivery will be tipping with the knowledge that they are also thanking and rewarding the restaurant for their service. 

As a result, we find it difficult to argue against the concept of Feasterly or their suggestion that Feasterly TRULY SUPPORTS LOCAL RESTAURANTS.

Despite all of this, Mr. Montgomery deftly sidesteps the inference Feasterly has a focus of market disruption, “that’s not our intention at all” he suggests, “Feasterly has been created to service both the Customers and the Restaurants that feed them in a fair, efficient and, perhaps most importantly, equitable manner.” 

He closes off with a wry but telling smile, “it is our humble opinion that this premise of financial equality alone is reason enough for us to confidently suggest to Feasterly customers that this why the restaurants they love, love us.”  

A reluctant disrupter indeed. 

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