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Feasterly: A Game Changer for the New Normal

November 17, 2021

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There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed the way we live our lives.  Of course the beginning saw days that seemed to be right out of a dystopian thriller, with people wrestling over toilet paper and canned goods.  It seems we’ve now settled into a new normal, in which approximately 64 percent of Americans plan to continue working from home. 

Without so much as a second thought, most of us might not consider the ways this huge change in our own daily lives has impacted our local businesses, namely the restaurants we’ve come to love.  Coffee shops that saw regulars stop in on the way to work, the favorite lunch meeting spot for colleagues, the local pizzeria Mom hit up on the way home from work, saw numbers decrease and maybe even shuttered their doors for a time. 

Although we see a light at the end of the tunnel, app delivery services have stepped in to save the day for restaurants and consumers alike.  Where remote work has blurred the office-home life, many employees may not choose to spend their lunch hour cooking.  Telework options have eliminated commutes for some, but employees may use that time to finish up work and look to the day ahead. Before you know it, it’s dinner time.

Restaurants willing to adjust to the changes brought about by remote work will thrive as our daily routines continue to ebb and flow.  Offering their menu on an app delivery platform like Feasterly also allows restaurants to stay in control of their profits, confident that they won’t be price gauged by huge commissions in an economy that’s already in flux. With Feasterly customers can rest assured the prices they enjoy dining in will be reflected when they go to order from their phone.

By taking into account the kinds of decisions both restaurants and consumers are making, Feasterly has changed the game.  No one wants to be worried about hidden fees and random surcharges just for ordering in while they’re trying to get work done.  Feasterly is even the first app of its kind that provides patrons with the opportunity to tip both the driver and the restaurant in a way that isn’t only fair, but preferred.  These kinds of game changers are encouraging even more positive impact to your local economy.

We all have a place in this new economy.  It’s easy to forget that everyone is still in uncharted territory as companies change office and remote policy with regularity.  A food service app that delivers on a promise the other guys can’t – or won’t – is certainly one to keep your sights on.  

Feasterly is changing the game and wants to be part of why restaurants, and remote employees who value where their money is going, come out on the other side. Whether you’re returning to the office or teleworking for the time being, and would rather see your break be a break, you can open the Feasterly app on your phone and order from a local restaurant you love.  It won’t take more than an order or two to see why the restaurants you love, love us too.

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