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Founders Interview: How Feasterly Works

November 17, 2021

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With the food delivery market crowded by huge companies already battling it out, you wouldn’t expect a fledgling start-up delivery newcomer to cause even the smallest ripple amongst the “Big Guys.” That is until you spend time with the founders of the Feasterly Delivery App, a cheeky upstart that will change the game by doing everything the current front-runners simply don’t deliver on. 

We sat down with Albert Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Feasterly, and his founding partner and COO, Paul Saffron, to ask them: why Feasterly, why now, and why do they believe they’ll do it better?

1. With those big names already fighting for attention, what inspired you to establish Feasterly? 

Albert: This is a project I’ve planned in the background for some time while I focused on other projects. But the start of 2020 introduced many changes professionally and, in the case of Feasterly, brought valuable insight into the dramatic, negative effect the current food delivery leaders have on the restaurant industry. In the simplest of terms, the dramatic market disturbances brought about by the onset of COVID made it all too clear the current food delivery apps had lost sight of the fact they are as much a service provider to Restaurants as they are to their app users. My vision for Feasterly was always the opposite of that. Feasterly can be a restaurant centric service provider, while still also being an effective and more affordable delivery option for Restaurants and Customers. 

Paul: Quite right. Like many others we found ourselves using food delivery providers more than ever before; yet, unlike the vast majority of customers using these other apps, we were aware that these other apps were taking as much as 30% of a restaurant’s gross order revenues. Taking that much off the top is simply not sustainable for restaurants! 

2. So, what is it that will make Feasterly so dramatically different to these current market leaders?

Albert: First and foremost, try as we might, we could not find a way to justify charging a restaurant up to 30% of gross sales to facilitate sales care of the Feasterly App. Feasterly will source and deliver sales to our restaurant partners every bit as effectively, but will do so for a capped fee of 9.5%. 

In addition to the much fairer commission rate of 9.5%, Feasterly will not be charging our restaurant partners sign-up fees to join Feasterly or charge for integrating their preferred POS system. Feasterly is unashamedly backing itself to achieve financial success as a result of building an increasing volume of sales for our restaurant partners without inflating our commission. 

On the customer side, Feasterly customers will benefit from fixed delivery fees and a single capped, fixed dollar, admin fee. Feasterly will not charge “sneaky” fees encountered when customers use the ‘other guys’.

Paul: We’ve paid a lot of attention to what restaurant owners and managers say upset them most about the other guys Albert mentioned. 

  1. Feasterly is a full self service app. Owners and managers alone have complete control and therefore full responsibility for the uploading and pricing management of their menus.
  2. Feasterly employs a first-of-its kind tipping policy among food delivery apps. Though weighted in favor of Drivers, our tip policy allows for healthier tips to be shared by both driver and restaurant, which is universally regarded as a huge restaurant benefit. 

3. What are the ongoing challenges you believe Feasterly can focus on with a goal of ultimately solving?

Paul: We are focusing on the mutual trust that appears to have all but disappeared from the current home delivery app and restaurant dynamic. 

As Albert alluded to in opening; we believe our restaurant-centric approach will provide us with a path to building trust with both our restaurant partners and the customers they feed. 

Our customers and restaurant partners will know what everything costs from the moment a customer picks up their phone to order the food they love. It’s why we’re so confident the restaurants our customers love, will love Feasterly. 

4. So, you’ve got big visions for the future, where do you think Feasterly will be in the next 2 years?

Albert: All things being equal, I’m confident that Feasterly will be active and well known throughout Coastal Southern California by the end of our 2nd year. We have preliminary plans for expansion into Phoenix and Nevada tabled and ready for actioning soon after, which is all part of a natural progression to the hungry East Coast market.

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