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From “Dark Kitchens” to a Light at the End of the Tunnel

November 21, 2021

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Restaurants have gone to extraordinary efforts to survive the dark tunnel it seems we may finally be emerging from.  Patrons waited with baited breath to find out if their favorite restaurants would survive and re-open.  Some restaurants did re-open, only to face the threat of shutting down again, or re-opening but with various protocols enacted for the health and safety of their patrons, resulting in increased costs and impacting revenue.  Some changed the way they operated, running “ghost” or “dark” kitchens–serving up the food locals loved, just not from the same building and only through delivery.

And you might believe that food delivery apps and restaurants worked exceedingly well together to survive what the pandemic wrought upon local economies and small businesses.  It’s not quite that simple though.  Restaurants have to consider buy-ins and commissions with delivery app companies competing so tightly to be number one that they don’t always see the profits they expect. 

Is it a scary time to disrupt the way things have always been done?  Sure.  But who are these “partnerships” working for?  The restaurants being charged a 30% commission just to have a chance at remaining open to a consumer market that’s here to stay?  The consumers who open an app and don’t know if they’re going to be charged the price they’ve come to expect at their favorite restaurant?  The delivery apps price gauging both of these groups just to survive in a sea of options that aren’t that different, and provide many of the same restaurants?  The founders at Feasterly definitely thought it was scarier not to disrupt this way of doing things.  They knew they had more to bring to the table, and could develop an app that would be a true partnership for everyone.

With Feasterly, restaurants find true partnership, paying only a 9% commission, less than ⅓ of what they pay with competing delivery apps.  Drivers know 100% of their tip goes to them, while customers have the option to tip restaurants for their service as well.  Speaking of customers, Feasterly won’t ever price gauge the very patrons who keep the operation going.  Foodies everywhere will only pay one flat fee for any given service, without surcharges snuck into the final price at the end when anyone would be too hungry to think straight anyway.  These sneaky tactics were enough to make the team at Feasterly lose their appetite–so they changed the game. 

If we learned anything through this trying time, it’s that community and cooperation are more important than competition.  We’re more than just a food delivery app.  We deliver on the premise that by fostering the relationship between restaurants and their patrons, we can build our economy back up.  Our philosophy will keep restaurants open and bellies full in a win-win-win for everyone.  And if that’s on the menu, that’s priceless.  

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