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No Weekend Plans? Treat Yourself With Feasterly

November 17, 2021

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Ever feel like having a “treat yourself” weekend?  Maybe you don’t plan to go all out, opting instead to pair Netflix and your favorite bottle of wine with the comforts of your loving room. Or perhaps you’ve organized a stay-cation within driving distance for yourself.  Either way, you’ve relinquished cooking duties for the weekend, but you’ve still gotta eat … Thank goodness for Feasterly!

Some of us are still working from home and need the change of scenery a mini getaway provides.  Who wants to have to cook when you can lounge by a fireplace on a hotel patio and get your favorite food delivered? 

Maybe you’re starting to head back to the office, once again facing long commutes, missing the familiarity and comforts of home.  Usually by the end of the week you find yourself spent and the last thing on your mind is “what’s for dinner… then breakfast… then the week ahead?”  Let’s not even get into kitchen duty after all that … Forget it! 

Feasterly allows you to treat yourself to a delicious meal from your favorite local restaurants, with the added relief that these hard working restaurant owners aren’t being gauged, like the other delivery apps do.  In fact, Feasterly’s business model allows those restaurants total menu and pricing control, while taking far less commission than the other guys.  

So when you open your Feasterly app to treat yourself, you’re making a decision that’s going to help save your favorite local restaurants. 

Self care looks different for everyone these days, but one thing we can all agree on is how important it is. Why not treat yourself? Eliminating the stress of menu planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning for just one night helps more than just a little.  Take care of yourself by letting someone else take care of all that.  Show yourself some love for taking on all the things that can’t come off your plate so easily.  Let Feasterly bring another plate to the table and treat yourself to a restaurant you love–they love us, too!

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