Feasterly Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Rumbling Tummy LLC, it’s Feasterly App Platforms and its subsidiary entities (“Feasterly”, “we”, “our”, “us”) may collect, use, and disclose personal information of individuals who access or utilize our mobile applications (“Feasterly Apps”) or our accompanying websites (“Users” or “You” or Your”), all of which adhere to and follow the principals of this Privacy Policy.  The Feasterly Apps, websites, Merchant Members (as described herein) and all the services, offerings are referred to in this Privacy Policy as our “Services.”  By using our Services or otherwise providing personal information to us, Users consent to the collection, use, disclosure and other handling of personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. 




1.1 Information You Provide Us  

To access and or interact with Services it is necessary for Feasterly to have you provide select elements of your personal information from you, such as: 


    • Names, addresses, mobile phone number and primary email address; 
    • Date of birth and gender; 
    • Details of current and records of past orders facilitated on Feasterly; 
    • Your preferred payment method/s, that is, credit or debit card details, including elements thereof that we may require for verification of same, such as; card billing address, expiration date and the three (3) digit Card Security Code; as well as bank account coordinates and company details in the case of Merchants. 
    • Product preference information you may provide through interaction with promotions, inhouse market surveys and or outside contractor research projects we employee and in which you choose to participate; 
    • Detailed personal location information; 
    • Whichever additional information, personal and otherwise, as detailed in this Section 1.  

Though our Terms of Use Agreement limits the manner in which this can occur, in the event you find it necessary to present the personal information of a person other than yourself, provided same is carried out in a manner that does not contravene the aforementioned Feasterly Terms of Use, this can only been done with your unreserved warranty that you were provided this information freely and without duress, thus representing you are duly authorized to provide same to us. 


1.2 Automatically Collected Information 

When viewing any of our platforms, utilizing any of our network related Services and or visiting our website, we may collect certain information about you automatically. Depending on your mode of access, the automatically collected information may include; your IP address, device identifier, browser characteristics, operating system details, language preference, referring URLs, length of visit and pages viewed. We warrant that this is not done in an unlawful manner, the automatically collected information is obtained by using universally known tools and technologies, such as cookies and web server logs. Cookies are data pieces that a website sends to your browser to improve the efficiency of future interactions, they are stored on your computer, sometimes with a tag that identifies your computer. Most web browsers give you the ability to collect these by default and or in a manner that requires your permission, all give you the ability to remove or reject cookies altogether. Given the role cookies play in making connections to and use of our online Services, it should be noted that deleting and or disabling cookies could impact the efficiency and functionality of our Services. 


Feasterly may from time-to-time utilize select mobile app and or online analytics services provided by third parties, including but not limited to; AWS Analytics, Google Analytics and Facebook Custom Audiences. This is to help us understand details of our current User demographics and the manner in which they utilize our Services. We and these third-party providers may use first-party cookies or other first-party identifiers as well as third-party cookies or other third-party identifiers to provide Feasterly with insight into behavior information relating to inferred visitor age, gender, and interests, and to deliver advertisements to you, measure your interests, detect your location, personalize content and understand online behaviors such as rates and durations of site visitations and the manner in which Users act while using our platforms 

Depending on your personal device and App permission settings, when using our Apps, we may collect or have access to your: (i) Precise Geolocation: When enabled this may allow our Apps to collect real-time information about the location of your device (GPS and network-based) to provide requested location services, ensure you are located in an area qualifying for delivery, verify that your orders are delivered to the correct location and to deliver you with offers or promotions that may be limited to specific locales; (ii) Camera: When enabled, this may allow the Apps to access the camera to scan and input payment method details; (iii) Wi-Fi Details: When enabled, this may allow the Apps to view Wi-Fi connections. (iv) Others: The Apps will send and receive data to and from the Internet and may view network connections, have full network access, control vibration of your device, or prevent your device from sleeping during a delivery process, if necessary. You may be able to enable or disable location tracking by the Apps by adjusting the permissions in your account or device settings. Be aware that if GPS precise location services are disabled, other means of establishing or estimating location (e.g., connecting to or proximity to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, beacons, or our networks) may persist. Enabling location tracking may allow the Apps to track your location in the background, which is a necessary feature when you select Services that 0include delivery. Note that location tracking can decrease battery life. 


We will store personal information we obtain for no longer than necessary in order to achieve the purposes for which the information was collected, or as otherwise required or permitted under applicable laws. Note that for information we collect care of Apple iOS, we are required and will obtain your consent before sharing your personal information with third parties. 


1.3 Third Party Provided Information  

Select third-party service providers may share select personal information that you have previously agreed to submit to them. For example, if you search for food delivery services, or order food, order gift cards, make purchases, make a payment through the Services or provide feedback on your experiences, you may submit personal information to one or more third parties that may in turn share that information back to us. Further, certain features of the Services may allow you to log in through a third-party social media account or share content from the online Services through third-party social media platforms. Though there is this capacity to share information you freely submitted to a third party, it is you alone that remains subject to and or governed by any terms of use and prevailing privacy policies set down by third parties and in turn agreed by you through your use thereof, Feasterly has no responsibility for third-party terms of use or their prevailing privacy policies. 




Personal information collected by Feasterly may be used to: 

  • Register your account 
  • Facilitate and personalize user experience, while also improving the efficiencies of the Services; 
  • Analyze performance data, content effectiveness, layout and features of the Services; 
  • Offer Merchant details (such as; menu profiles, Item specials) and other Services best suited to you; 
  • Respond to your general inquiries, questions and or complaints; 
  • Record your interest in email mailing lists for promotions or offers that become available on the Services; 
  • Process payment information for online food orders; 
  • Send marketing information to you, new product offerings, programs or new Merchant additions; 
  • Provide location services; 
  • Identify, stop and or prevent suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity and or any other actions that violate our Terms of Use.


We may from time-to-time share your personal information with third-party service providers for various reasons, such as; fulfilling and delivering orders, assisting with promotions, generating website analytics, delivering relevant marketing messages and appropriate advertisements, providing technical services and otherwise carrying out any uses and disclosures described in this Privacy Policy. Though beyond our control, we do trust that Third-party service providers offer and follow a Privacy Policy that is equally protective of user data as that offered herein, still we cannot this to be guaranteed to be the case. Select third-party service providers may view, edit, or set their own tracking technologies and or cookies. 


We may also publicly post select User content volunteered by you to us as a part of our online advertising programs and or in support and or promotion of select Merchants with which you may or may not have interacted. Further, whether it be in the process of demonstrating interest and or the promotion of Feasterly or in the event we choose to sell, secure or transfer (raise capital against) an interest or portion of our business, or part thereof, we reserve the right to disclose information gathered within the Services. It is agreed and understood that these processes, and similar thereto, are allowable under the terms of this Privacy Policy and that any can occur without notification to you or requirement for additional approval from you.   


When and if required by subpoena, search warrant or court ordered legal process, or in the event action is required as a result of a violation of Feasterly’s Terms and Conditions relative to use of the Services or to protect and defend the rights or property of Feasterly or others, we reserve the right to disclose information gathered within the Services. 




Feasterly Services are not intended for, or promoted towards, children under 13 years of age, Personal Information of children under 13 years of age is never knowingly collected by us. If a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 believes he or she have disclosed personally identifiable information within the Services, please contact us at privacy@feasterly.com and provide your written request for a review our platform and, in the event such information is in fact discovered, we will immediately honor your request to remove his or her Personal Information forthwith. 


Further, if we learn that our Services have received personal information directly from a child who is under the age of 13 without notification or prompting from a parent, we will delete the information in accordance with applicable law. 




Users are able and welcome to update certain personal information they have provided about themselves. Users are also to change certain Service preferences, such as modes of notifications or promotions from Feasterly. You are able to personally make these changes by logging into your registered, password protected, user Account on the applicable Feasterly App account and change your account settings as required. Users are also able to contact us directly, using the addresses offered at the conclusion of this Privacy Policy, to have a Feasterly Customer Service Representative make the Personal Information adjustments.  


As previously noted within this Privacy Policy, we use cookies to ensure both the Feasterly App and our website operate at their optimum and your preferred settings are secured, you are able to delete these cookies at any time by accessing your web browser to delete and or amend setting to refuse future collection of cookies. Users seeking system changes of this nature should consult the ‘Help’ section of their web browser for guidance. Federal Trade Commission Guidelines on the collection and use of cookies can be found at: 



Users are reminded that if you choose to delete cookies or change settings in order to refuse future acceptance of cookies, the functionality and or efficiency of the Service may be impacted and or may cause select features of the Service not to be available and or may cause the Service not to operate at all.   


Regarding Account Deactivation: Users are free to deactivate their account at any time. Users can send a “Request for Deletion of User Data and Account” directly to Feasterly care of admin@feasterly.com and the request to delete user data and deactivation of the User Account will be processed by the Feasterly Support Team within 2 business days.  


  1. 6. SECURITY 


We employ various security protocols in our efforts to protect our platforms and the personal information contained therein from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. While we make every effort to ensure the effectiveness of our protocols, it is nonetheless not possible for us to guarantee that your Personal Information is absolutely secure.  


Users are urged to contribute to efforts to keep their own Personal Information safe by using a Password with a combination of letters and numbers that is most likely to remain unique to them, keeping any record of that Password safe in a secure location and or by changing the Password regularly.  




Feasterly only operates within the United States (“U.S.”). As our Customer App is principally accessed care of your mobile phone, we cannot guarantee that every mobile phone using Country Codes other than ‘Plus One’ (+1) for the U.S. will be able to Register an account and therefore use the Services.  


Should you be an International User that is able to access the Platform, Register an Account and use the Services, you agree that any information collected as part of that use will be collected and stored on servers located in the United States. Any information obtained from International Users will be stored in accordance with U.S. privacy laws, regulations and standards. We cannot guarantee that U.S. Privacy laws, regulations and standards will be equivalent to the corresponding laws in your country of residence, nevertheless, by choosing to use our Services, you consent to this collection, transfer, storage and processing of information in the U.S. in accordance with U.S. Privacy Laws. 




Pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, below is a summary of Personal Information we collect from Users, reasons why User Personal Information was collected, where we obtained the collected User Personal Information and the third parties with whom we may have shared User Personal Information.  


As described further in our Privacy Policy, in the preceding twelve months, we or our service providers may have collected the below categories of personal information for business or commercial purposes: 


    • Identifiers such as a name, address, unique personal identifier, email, phone number;
    • Customer records such as signature;
    • Commercial information such as records of products or services purchased, obtained, or considered;
    • Internet or other electronic network activity information, including browsing history and search history;
    • Geolocation data that is sufficient to identify a precise physical location;
    • Sensory data, such as audio, electronic, visual, or other similar information;
    • Professional or employment-related information; Education information; and 
    • Inferences about preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes.


We collect the categories of personal information identified above from these sources: (I) directly from you; (II) through your use of the Services; (III) affiliates; (IV) third parties; such as information received from our referral program, social networking services, publicly available sources, and marketing partners. 


As detailed herein, the categories of personal information identified above were collected for the following business and commercial purposes: 


  • To personalize, facilitate, maintain and improve User Services; 
  • To communicate with Users;  
  • For account, accounting and network security purposes; 
  • To maintain legal and regulatory compliance; 
  • To enforce compliance with our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy; 
  • To protect Users, others and our business;  
  • For the business purposes disclosed to you at the time we collect or receive the information, or otherwise with your consent. 

Our information sharing practices in the Privacy Policy are described in detail herein. In the previous twelve months we may have shared certain categories of personal information with third parties, as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act, for business purposes.  


We may have shared your personal information with a Merchant as a result of your instruction to do so. The information shared may include the following personal information categories: (1) Identification means, example of which is your name, mobile phone number and email address; and (2) Commercial Information, example of which is your order history from the requested Merchant. Third party providers of paid analytics and advertising services (“Providers”) may have been engaged by us to place tracking technologies on our platforms. Providers may have been granted access to the following categories of personal information: (1) device information and identifiers, example of which is your IP address and unique advertising identifiers and cookies; and (2) connection and usage information, example of which is your browsing history or app usage.  




Under Nevada law certain Nevada consumers may opt out of the sale of “Personally Identifiable Information” for monetary consideration to a person that person to license or sell such information to additional persons. “Personally Identifiable Information” includes; first and last name, address, email address, phone number, Social Security Number or an identifier that allows a specific person to be contacted either physically or online.  


We confirm Feasterly does not engage in this activity. However, should our policy relative to this practice change in the future and you are a Nevada resident who has purchased items from us or used our Services, you may submit a request to opt out of any potential future sales of the type addressed in this Clause 12, as required under Nevada law, by contacting privacy@feasterly.com. Note we are entitled to, and will take reasonable steps, to verify your identity, your actual Nevada address and the authenticity of the request. 



The Services may offer links to websites and other services that are not maintained by Feasterly. By visiting these linked websites or services, you are subject to the privacy policies and other terms and conditions they choose to follow therein. We are not responsible for, or able to monitor or control, the policies and practices of other companies. 




Feasterly reserves the right to change, amend and or update the Feasterly Privacy Policy. Changes will be indicated by the “Last Updated” date provided in this Section 11. 




Feasterly welcomes your questions or comments or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy and or the manner in which Feasterly handles and protects your personal information, you are thus welcome to contact an appropriately designated Feasterly team member, by referencing “Feasterly Privacy Policy” at the following: 


Written requests by mail to: 
Rumbling Tummy, LLC.
401 Ryland St, Suite 200-A
Reno NV 89502
Email requests by electronic mail to: privacy@feasterly.com

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